Important Limo Etiquette Tips That You Must Take Note Now

Indeed, it is fun to experience a limo ride. For some, renting one is the best day of their lives. You have to remember that although your driver wants you to have fun, there are rules that you must follow too. Limo drivers are professionals and you must always treat them through your entire trip. Thus, here are the basic tips every rider must take note in their trip:

Determine the Total Number of People and Communicate This to the Company

When you book a reservation in limo hire Melbourne, make sure that you let the limo company note how many are you in the group. Do this few days in advance to avoid problems in the end. With this, the company can determine which type of limo can accommodate your needs. If you have changed the party size, call the company immediately. With this, they can adjust the play for you and make everyone feel comfortable. Finally, you can ask a quote so you will have an idea of how to charge they charge for each person.

Orient Yourself on How to Enter and Exit the Limo Appropriately

This can be a simple idea but this is the most overlooked aspect which can cause problems in the end. There are three points that you have to take note. First, allow the chauffeur to open the door when you get in and out of the limo. This is part of the job of the chauffeurs. You can do it wrong whenever you decide to open the limo by yourself. Second, try to choose the first vacant seat inside. Swing your legs so you can have a smooth entry. Finally, slide your legs. Scooch on the limo’s row of seats until you are on your chosen spot. If you are interested about chrysler wedding cars you can visit this website

Leave the Limo Clean

Riding a limo will make you feel like royalty. But this does not mean that you don’t have any responsibilities at all. Imagine letting your friends drive you to a party and then you find your backseat filled with trash. This can be frustrating. As such, when you ride a limo, treat it like how you would treat your own car. Before leaving, see to it that you clean the area. Take out any trash with you. Your driver will appreciate it and they will not probably charge you of a cleaning fee.

Give an Appropriate Tip

In general, you must tip your driver 20% of the total bill in Chrysler limo hire. Some experts agree that 10 to 15% will be fine. However, since a limo rental service is only for special occasions, adding 5% more will be much appreciated.